Barca's plan to change the transfer market for ever

Spanish publication 'Sport' reports that Barca are aming to change the face of transfers forever, by launching a three-pronged attack on the current system.
The first part of their plan is to insist that UEFA apply the necessary sanctions to teams caught flouting Financial Fair Play rules and that teams are punished according to the letter of the law, with fines, squad restrictions and even points deductions if necessary.
The aformentioned source cites sources close to the club who have stressed the importance of FFP. "It's fundamental. We're eagerly awaiting to see how UEFA deals with it," stated the source.
Another key part of Barca's plan is to introduce mandatory release clauses in all Europe's top leagues.
Not that their plan will be easy. Why on earth would clubs voluntarily put themselves in a weaker position with regards to keeping a player in the face of interest from elsewhere?
Anyone would think Barca are upset at having to sell Neymar and being unable to bully Liverpool into letting them have Philippe Coutinho.
Finally, the Catalan side hopes to introduce a 'transfer cap' - a maximum price that transfers cannot exceed, thus avoiding moves such as Neymar's.
"We know it is complicated, but as a long-term measure it would be worth it," club sources told 'Sport'.
The plan has already started to be put into action
In order to follow through with their plan, Barca have reportedly reached out to other European giants as they look for support in their proposals, with discussions having been held with the likes of Bayern Munich, Arsenal and Juventus.
'Sport' claims that Barca's aim is a more level playing field when it comes to transfers... though there are plenty who simply see it as Barca spitting their dummy out because something hasn't gone their way for a change.
Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how their plan turns out.

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