Lewandowski rubbishes alleged desire to go to Madrid

"I have a contract until 2021 and we're very comfortable in Munich", Lewandowski explained to '11Freunde' in response to Rummenigge's words.
The Pole noted that there has always been talk of his future, and that it's something he's been used to for ten years now.
"I've been living this situation for close to ten years, I'm always being speculated about," the Bayern Munich frontman said.
"I'm not bothered by who has most money, where it comes from and where it goes. Of course I'm surprised by the speed with which transfers and player prices are going up, but the most important thing is for me to look at my career and what I achieve," the Polish international added.
Lewandowski ended by launching a thinly-veiled criticism of the biggest clubs for their lack of loyalty to their footballers.
"There's footballers who respond to questions with an 'I want to end my career here' and then get told by their club 'thanks, but we don't need you anymore', and expressing these types of sentiments get you nowhere."

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