MI writes open letter to Vector Tha Viper

M.I has written a public letter to Vector tha Viper after the rapper publicly responded to his comments on why there have been no collaboration between them.
Vector had uploaded the cut of the video that contained the comment, » and wrote a comment which read;

“You were also supposed to be on the #Kingkongremix but yeah we all must have gotten very busy... hehe. So let me make this clear... 16 bars is nothing, i'm not the type to involve in fake talks so... yeah... you said and i quote "i am the guy who wants to rap with everybody" ok then, LET'S RAP,” he wrote.
M.I Abaga has responded with an open letter explaining his position on the matter, and suggesting that they have the conversation online. Check out the full letter below.
“Dear Vector,
As I conversed with the Pulse team, I commented on how I have always wanted to rap with everyone. I do not quite understand the video you posted or your comment following…however, let me address the underlying supposition that in some way, I have avoided doing a song with you.
You and I first rapped across each other in 2007 at Wapi in Ikoyi. And since that time, my respect fir your talents has remained the same. There is no explanation (not even the two song ideas exchanged between you and I) that you and I can offer that would explain why this hasn’t happened.
It just hasn’t happened, which again is the statement I made. Maybe you interpret that to mean I am suggesting that you have avoided it? I am not. Just stating that this hasn’t happened. We have been on songs together, but have never created a song together.
Any perceived slight is regretted on my part as no ill will was intentioned. Going forward however, I suggest that we have the rest of this conversation offline.”

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