Nigerian man fell from a building while trying to evade police in Malaysia

A Nigerian man trying to escape from police officers in Malaysia has fallen from the fifth floor of a building. The man whose name was not mentioned survived the fall breaking his nose and hand in the process. Police officers had raided Flora Damansara apartments according to the report. About fifty one foreigners were nabbed in the process with the fallen Nigerian man being one of them. The event happened on Friday, September 29 in Ops Black Flora. The chief senior assistant commandant, Fadzil Ahmat, reacted to the incident saying the raid lasted for about four hours between 7pm and 11pm.

Nigerian man falls from 5th floor while trying to flee from Malaysian cops, breaks nose (photo)

He also said there were eight women among the fifty one persons arrested. He also confirmed that majority of the arrested persons are from Nigeria with others from India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Uganda, Kenya and Nepal. 

Of the persons arrested, ten of them were found to be into hard substances according to the test done on them. The raid was done after residents complained about the illegal activities going on in the apartment.

The police officers swarmed in on the people in the apartment. Personnel from the immigration department teamed up with the police officers to carry out the operation. The officers were over four hundred in number.

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