N100K in one night, This Abuja runs girl is so happy as she shows it off on instagram

This Abuja runs girl is so happy she made N100K in one night

The flop of the week has to go to Aisha. Now, who is Aisha? She is an alleged runs girl (prostitute) based in Abuja.
While women are doing productive things and adding to the society, Aisha decided to film herself naked and show off the money she made from her (alleged) hustle overnight.
"Hundred thousand, last night to this morning. Can I shout?" she said to the camera.
Now nobody wants to knock her hustle but Aisha you shouldn't be waving money everywhere because of your line of business. Have some pride in yourself and decency. I am sure there are other things you could be doing than bragging about making money in your line of business.
The opportunities before you are limitless. Don't play yourself. It's just an advice, take it or leave. For acting so ratchet you deserve a huge L and the flop for this week.
And next time put your clothes on.

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