Do not display campaign posters at convention area - PDP warns Ex-VP Atiku

PDP warns Ex-VP, Atiku not to display campaign posters at convention venue

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) convention committee has warned Atiku Abubakar, not to display any campaign banner at the venue of its upcoming convention.

The committee also extended the warning to other candidates looking to get the party’s presidential ticket.
The chairman of the committee and Governor of Delta state, Ifeanyi Okowa said his team want to ensure a hitch free convention.
He said “We need to make this announcement to all our party members and well wishers that the convention is going to be for delegates and we are expecting a little less than 3000 delegates. And those delegates have been properly accredited by the accreditation committee.
“And for those our party members that are going to come are welcome to Abuja, but they will not be allowed to come to the eagle square and this is because we want to be sure that we are in a position to deliver a credible elective convention.
“We are trying to put all these processes in place so that we don’t over crowd the venue. I want to urge aspirants to the various positions to please, keep their campaigners away from the convention venue and we believe all campaigns would have stopped by Friday.
“I will not expect any aspirant, especially presidential aspirants to bring their campaign posters, campaigners, men or women to the venue because it will not be allowed.
“And we want to appeal to all of them campaigning to desist from doing that. For those who want to campaign for future election, possibly the presidential aspirants this convention is not the place to display campaign posters or to display their intentions.
“I believe there will be an appropriate convention for that. I want to urge them to cooperate with us as a committee.”

Atiku back in PDP

In a live video broadcast on his Facebook page, Abubakar said he was again joining the People's Democratic Party (PDP) because the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) had failed to deliver on its promises since coming to power in 2015.

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