DMW Boss davido broke the internet this week after he registered for NYSC camping in lagos. This attracted some much attention from fans and even from fellow celebrity who aired they views. 

But thinking about why davido would decide to register for NYSC We have come to the conclusion on these below three reason why he got registered.

2. He Wants to set a good example to slaymamas and fellow youth out there.

Here in nigerian its no more a surprising thing that some youth most especially the rich ones would prefer to boycott and abstain from serving their father land all in the name that they are big boys and girls and have those who can arrange that for them, so davido decided to set a good example to those kind of youths our there who thought they have grown pass that level.

2. He is leaving no stone unturned for his political ambitions in the future

Celebrity turning into politician is no more something to be surprised about as many actors and actresses, models including musicians has choosen to the play the game of politics. And OBO might just be intending to switch to politics in time come so he is making sure no one points hand at him that he didn't complete his duties as a true Nigerian.

3. He wants to prove our president wrong that Nigerian Youths are not lazy.

Nigerian youths according to our president are lazy and this is a fact that needs to be proven wrong, so for a celebrity like davido who has even a private jet to register for NYSC is good way to prove to our president that Youths are not lazy.

Davido might just want to prove that alleged fact by our president wrong.

In conclusion, for someone like davido to register for NYSC, they must be a motivation somewhere and they must be a secret intentions for him to do what he did.

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