Here Is The Meaning Of "Dele Alli Challenge" Gesture That Flooded The Social Media

Dele alli

Nigerian footballer Felix Orode revealed the real meaning of the challenge that is taking social networks by storm. The 'Dele Alli Challenge' is a gesture that is done to show someone who that they have escaped military torture.

Dele Alli's gesture is not just a viral challenge, but it is also a gesture from the
Tottenham player showing solidarity with the Nigerian people who have suffered atrocities at the hands of the military regime.

According to Nigerian footballer Felix Orode, Dele Alli's gesture is one that is made by those who are able to escape military torture.

In Nigeria, the military are known to remove the eyes of men, women and children, in order to punish them for wrongdoing or for not obeying the regime.

Their torture methods are like the medieval treatments that you read about in history books, for example, when English archers had their fingers cut off if they were capture

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