The King Is Back, Buffon Makes Amazing Save Against Guingamp


Buffon is a legend, his age doesn't matter. The PSG goalkeeper wants to prove that he can still do what he wants and play in Europe's big leagues at the age of 40.

That is what he is attempting to prove in Ligue 1 this season. Against Guinguamp, with PSG facing a strong opponent in the Breton team , Buffon showed early on that he can still be counted on.

In the space of two minutes, the 'keeper made two stunning saves . The first was the best of the bunch. Buffon had already dived to ground before the ball took a deflection.
Incredibly, Buffon was able to contort his body and still get to the ball, stopping it as best he could and getting his hand up at the right moment . Marquinhos eventually got the ball clear.

It was followed by a typical display of emotion that we have seen so many times at Juventus. There is no doubt, Buffon has still got what it takes.

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