Top WWE Superstars And The football Clubs They Support


WWE Superstars And Their  football Clubs

Football is a world-famous sport, and without a doubt, almost everyone in the entertainment industry follows the beautiful game.Here are some of the famous figures of WWE and clubs they support in professional football.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch who is currently feuding with Charlotte Flair in WWE is a big fan of Manchester City following Guardiola's mesmerizing season. Let's hope she defeats Charlotte in a dominating manner just like how Manchester City wrecked other teams last season.

Triple H

Triple H supports the East London Football club, West Ham. The COO of WWE was seen supporting the irons since 2015 after West Ham gifted him a jersey with his name printed behind just before NXT Takeover.


The Celtic Warrior Sheamus has been a Kopite for a long time now. He has been seen on the field since the Steven Gerrard days. He is one half of the WWE Tag team The Bar. However, it is not evident that Cesaro ( the other half ) is a Kopite. He might have worn it for promotion since the show took place in Liverpool just a few days before the Champions League Final.


In the same event that took place in Liverpool, Rusev had a scheduled match as well. He made his entrance wearing the Real Madrid jersey to mock the people who support Liverpool. He is an outstanding heel performer in the WWE. Hope he wins a significant title some day now that he has turned face.

Ronda Rousey

The MMA artist of WWE who was formerly working in UFC supports a club in Brazil that is based in Rio De Janeiro, Flamengo. Ronda Rousey was spotted taking pictures with the fans while the game was going on. Ronda Rousey is currently the Raw Women's Champion in the WWE.


Despite Cesaro and Sheamus being on the same team in WWE namely The Bar, the support different clubs in professional football. Sheamus supports Liverpool as mentioned earlier, but Cesaro is more of a Manchester City fan just like Becky Lynch is. Two opposites attract and this might be the reason why The Bar is one of the best tag team in WWE today.

Ric Flair

The part of the legendary stable the four horsemen, Ric Flair is a fan of the hammers. Ric Flair was seen holding this shirt in 2015, thus confirming he was a fan of the East London club, namely West Ham.

John Cena

Is there any person in the world who doesn't know John Cena? He is one of the most prominent faces WWE has ever produced. He is found to be a part of the lilywhites. John Cena supports Tottenham Hotspurs in professional football.

Rey Mysterio

WWE's Biggest little man so called Rey Mysterio is a Red Devil. He is seen in Manchester almost every season and is a real fan of the English club Manchester United since a very long time now.

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