Normanizzy x Fortunite - My Choice

Good√Songz in Collaboration With T.Msquare.G Pushes Their Front line artist[ForTuΠiTe] into doing this very dope collabo with normanizzy. ForTuΠiTe Didnt Want to feature in the song at first but in order to help a brother(Normanizzy) he had to.

He took the song to a different level and ground. The song wouldnt have been dope enough to pass the critics and the production team, but thank God for the modeling diva(Vivian Splash) and the songbeast(ForTuΠiTe[IAMOT]). The song aint a dancehall song its a realistic love song that will get you wishing to be in the story line.

Tee Msquare Gee
Good Songz
ForTu NiTe
[Itsa Matterof Time]
Normanizzy nnamchi
Vivian Splash

About the instrumental: The instrumental was originally used by Nicki minaj.But ForTuΠiTe and Normanizzy gave it another flavour.

About Normanizzy: he follows the wizkid pattern of singing, he gat a tweaky voice and a foreign local vibe,
You gan love it.

About Vivian splash: Vivian splash is a modelling diva endorsed by ForTuΠiTe, that will give you any attitude you need in a picture/Cover art.

Producer: The song was produced,mixed,and mastered by mobility

About the critics and production team: A 100% go ahead release order was given by the critics and production team...

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