Singer Dencia Narrates How She Came To Know She Had A Lump On Her Right Breast At Age 12

Singer Dencia

US based Singer Dencia from Cameroon recounts how she discovered she had a lump in her right breast when she was still 12yr old. But thanked God the lump was not cancerous.

This she revealed in a post she shared in bid to create awareness on breast cancer.

She wrote:

When I was 12 going on 13, I was seating in my dorm room in Cpc Bali (Cameroon) when an older girl who was abt 18 “Belinda”was discussing her breast lump removal surgery,My skinny ass had big boobies & as I heard the story, I immediately touched my breasts & realized my right breast had something extra in it,i went to the nurse who sent me home immediately, I’m lucky to be raised by a grandma who was very hands on with my health, things went so fast & I was ready for surgery with Dr Ashu Balimba in Yaounde, Cameroon.When the surgery was done it was risky cuz two drs operated on me at the same time Nose,throat & boobies??The next thing was testing the lump for cancerous cells, Yop my first time hearing abt cancer, I remember taking the big ass lump 2 the lab & it was tested, thank God it was just a big ass lump.I write this cuz a lot of young girls like me in boarding schools away from their parents need older girls like Belinda to tell their story so young girls like me can learn & action is taken fast.A lot of girls don’t get lucky, some end up with cancerous lump which can turn into CANCER. U are never too young & never too old, let’s be our sister’s keeper, I was just a curious young girl, a lot of girls aren’t that curious.
P.S I ended up with a keloid scar for many years & I noticed last night it was completely gone, u can’t even tell I had this surgery which is super crazy, I was treating it will stretch mark cream from whitenicious & lightening it & it’s completely gone which is rare. Thank God
This was a random picture that inspired me to tell this story,wasn’t taken with the purpose for this.
Had my first mammogram & wasn’t even 30?
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