Watch As Zlatan Takes An Incredible But Humilating Tumble While Defending


Zlatan Ibrahimović

Despite being one of the greatest strikers ever to grace a football field, everyone is allowed to look stupid every now and again. At the weekend it was Ibrahimović's turn, as the 37-year-old comically fell over whilst trying to defend for his side against Sporting Kanas City.

You certainly can't fault Zlatan Ibrahimović work rate on the football pitch.

The Swedish legend scored a 25th minute penalty in LA Galaxy's MLS clash, however a late Johnny Russell equaliser meant that the points had to be shared in Kansas.

Despite his impressive performances for LA Galaxy, a video of the former Manchester United player's comical fall has gone viral on the internet.
The 37-year-old tried his hand at defending, well little success. Zlatan tried to jockey and then tackle Kansas City's number 10, however he ended up on the ground after being easily beaten.
The Kansas player did well to get around Ibrahimović and left him red faced on the turf.

Watch Video Below:-

Despite the embarrassing fall, Zlatan managed to style it out with a well executed forward roll

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