What Will You Do If You Are This Woman That Recieved $284 Billion Electricity Bill?

Mary Horomanski and  husband

A woman named Mary Horomanski from Erie, Pennsylvania, nearly freaked out after she discovered she was given an electricity bill of $284 billion for not even up to a year charge

While narrating what happened and her reaction, she said:- 

“My eyes just about popped out of my head. We had put ip Christmas lights and I wondered if we had put them up wrong,” Horomanski recalled. “it wasn’t due until November of 2018. it was, like, well, I guess we have a year to come up with this billion-dollar bill.”

When her husband and children saw her shocked expression, they began asking her if she was okay.

“I’m looking around the room and they’re looking at me now ’cause I’ve got this funny look on my face. When you see something like that, your heart starts beating, you break out into a little sweat, like, ‘What on Earth just happened?’”

Still adamant to believe that she had to pay a bill that was more than the national debts of Nigeria, Peru, Venezuela, and Iceland combined, the 58-year-old immediately contacted her son who then called Penelec, the Horomanski residence’s power provider.

The bill turned out to be erroneous, thankfully, and the family had to pay only $284.46.

Imagine if such bills was given to you by nigerian energy company, what will be your reaction?

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