Get 2.4GB For Just N500 On Glo, No VPN Or Twerking Required


Its no longer a doubt that Glo is the grandmasters of data(am sure you will give up after reading this post if you are still doubting) with their introduction of Glo OGA sim guys can now fake big boy life easily😂.

Just like the title says, you can get 2.4GB For N500 on Glo Nigeria using this simple trick. The trick which is valid for 21 days, does not require and tunnel or VPN app like HTTP Injector VPN, KPN Tunnel Rev, AnonyTun VPN or Tweakware app. It just needs you to be a little more focused and understanding as you read.

If you can remember, Glo recently introduced a new promo offer, which it called Glo Oga SIM. The promo offer which is still ongoing, is made for all new Glo users and old customers, who haven’t subscribed for the past 90 days. With Glo Oga SIM, customers get 1.8GB data for N500 and it’s valid for 14 days (2weeks).

In this trick, I will show you, how you can increase that 1.8GB data to 2.4GB for the same price. Wondering how, just read on and you will see.

How To Get Glo 2.4GB For N500?

This is the trick you can use to get your own Glo 2.4GB data for just N500. The trick is, to make sure you are eligible for Glo Oga SIM by either getting a new Glo SIM or you haven’t subscribed on your SIM for 90 days. If you know you are eligible for the above, the follow the steps below and enjoy your own Glo 2.4GB For N500.

Now, while on the Glo Oga SIM, migrated to Glo Yakata tariff plan and then recharge your Sim with airtime N500. Your SIM will be credited with a free 600MB + N1,750 airtime to call all networks. The bonus offer, is from the Glo Yakata plan you migrated to earlier. You can dial *220*1# to view your bonus call balance.

Next step, is for you to subscribe to Glo N500 data plan by dialing *777# from the Glo Oga SIM offer and you will be given 1.8GB worth of data. Now adding 600MB data from the Glo Yakata data offer and 1.8GB data from the Oga SIM data offer, you will get a total of 2.4GB data.

The good thing about the offer is that, the data is valid for three weeks which is 21 days. So follow the listed steps and enjoy your own 2.4GB data on Glo Mobile. Any question, used the comment box below. Please share with your friends, thanks.

N500 subscription on other network will probably give you not more than 750mb or 1gb for roughly 1 week, so i were you i probably should be trying out this cheat now.

NOTE: Please follow the above procedures accurately to avoid mistakes

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