Welcome To Ubang Village, Where Male And Female Speaks Different Languages

Ubang Unique Language Culture
Ubang peope are Specially know for this unique language culture

Ever wondered a place where male and female speak different language yet understands themselves? This is the case of Urbang, a small farming community located in southern part of Nigerian.

According to BBC the people of Urban views this unique differences in language as a blessing from God. They however expressed concern that this unique culture may vanish in time to come as younger tend to use English language more often.

Notable differences in their language is seen majorly in names of things which differs for both male and female for example, The females call yam "irui" while the males call it "itong".

See more differences in their language in picture below:

Ubang Village Male and Female Language Differences
The male and females speaks different language yet understands themselves.

In an interview with a renowned chief in the community, Chief Oliver Ibang who gave a biblical explanation of this unique language difference, he said:

Chief Oliver Ibang
Chief Oliver Ibang gave biblical explanation of this unique language difference.

God created Adam and Eve and they were Ubang people," says the chief.
God's plan was to give each ethnic group two languages, but after creating the two languages for the Ubang, he realised there were not enough languages to go around, he explains.
"So he stopped. That's why Ubang has the benefit of two languages - we are different from other people in the world."

The chief who also explained how the younger ones learn and know the differences in the language as they grow.

By the age of 10, boys are expected to speak the "male language", he says.
"There is a stage the male will reach and he discovers he is not using his rightful language. Nobody will tell him he should change to the male language."
"When he starts speaking the men language, you know the maturity is coming into him."
If a child does not switch to the correct language by a certain age, they are considered "abnormal", he says.

Ubang Boy And Girl
To show maturity both sexes must stick to their respective language 

Source: bbc.co.uk 

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