Nigerian Woman Can't Control Her Shock After Seeing Mayor Of Odense Shop Alone Without Bodyguard

Mayor Of Odense Shopping Alone

A Nigerian lady living in Denmark couldn't control her shock after seeing the Mayor(governor) of Odense, third largest city in the country shopping without any bodyguard or entourage with him.

The lady stated that he can't imagine the governor of Lagos or any other statea in Nigeria shop without thousands of bodyguard following him.

According to her, no security entourage was with him, a thing that is very peculiar to his Nigerian Counterparts

She wrote:

The mayor of Odense shopping for his family in the same shop as me???
Can’t imagine the governor of Lagos state or even the governor of the smallest and most rural state in Nigeria shopping for his family? Let alone standing in public without a thousand entourage of bodyguards and dressed in his biggest agbada???
N.B Odense is the third largest city in Denmark one of the most happiest country in the world, and the least corrupt country in the world! Btw that man right up anchored my wedding????”.

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