Top 5 States With Better Electricity Supply Compared To Others In Nigeria

Electricity In Nigeria

Nigeria on average has suffered poor power generation and distribution due to major problems and set back facing the power sector.

According to nigerian electricity regulatory commission (TCN), the current electricity megawatts in nigeria is 7000 mega Watts reported as of August 2018 which is undeniably poor for a country with a population of over 250 million citizens.

Power distribution companies has blamed inadequate electricity supply to consumers on lack of sufficient financial investments in the power sector which has left good electricity in nigeria today a total nightmare.

The sources of electricity in nigeria includes Coal, Natural gas, Hydro and Oil

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Too bad Nigeria is second in the world with poorest power supply.

Much said about the current power situation in nigeria, we will like to give you a quick rundown of 5 states with better power supply compared to other states in nigeria.

NOTE: This list is in no order

1. Lagos State

With lagos as the financial capital of Nigeria, One should not be suprised Lagos has better power supply compared to others.

2. Abuja (Capital Territory)

Abuja as the capital of Nigeria should receive better power supply than some other states in Nigeria.

3. Enugu State

Being regarded as the central state in South East, Enugu is one of nigerian states with better power supply.

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4. River State

Port Harcourt, River state is a buzzing and growing city, power supply is much better there compared with other cities in Nigeria

5. Osun State

Osun is also one of the states in Nigeria enjoying better power supply compared to others

Hey! we will appreciate your opinion. Incase any state enjoys better supply but not listed, kindly leave a comment in comment section below👇

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