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We compiled a list of charities where you can donate money to in Nigeria to help people in serious need and less privileged.

We know that they it may get difficult financially sometimes but if you find a few extra bucks you should sure consider donating to this charities and help people who are truly in need.

So here they are:

1. Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative

Since its inception in 2008, this charity Non-govermental organization has helped raise funds to support people with sickle cell disorder especially the less privileged.

This organization born with a mission to empower and help imrove the lives of those less privileged people stricken with sickle cell disorder, empowering them to live a healthy, positive lives.

They main goal is to put a smile on the faces of victims of sickle cell by providing support for them.

Follow link below to donate and put a smile of faces of victims.


2. The Dream Nurture Foundation

This charity organization raises funds to support and provide children in the rural communities covered with poverty and neglect, the opportunity of good education.

They strive to help the less privileged children with no hope of acquiring education in rural communities engage in diverse range of activities such as sports, drama, dance, and other human activities.

Follow link below to donate, help educate a child in rural communities.


3. The Consolation Foundation For Less Privileged

The Consolation Foundation For Less Privileged is a Non-governmental organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria that helps both individual and families make long lasting positive changes in their lives.

The organization focuses on empowering persons and families in rural area with little or no knowledge of life problem solutions  with ideas and ways that will affect their lives positively.

Follow link below to donate to The Consolation Foundation For Less Privileged


4. Network of University Legal Aid Institutions, Nigeria

Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI), a Non-governmental organization with the hope of promoting clinical legal education, legal aid, legal education reform and easy access to justice in Nigeria.

NULAI aims to help in educating and development of future public interest lawyers that will create easy access to justice in Nigeria

Follow link below to donate to Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI)


5. Abraham’s Children Foundation

Abraham Children Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization in Nigeria which started with an aim of providing humanitarian relief services for less privileged people in rural communities.

They started in Nigeria with a global expansion focus to ensure services like  primary health, education, water and hygiene and other humanitarian service are given to the rural communities.

Follow link below to support Abraham’s Children Foundation