"I Want To F*ck Hushpuppi Before I Marry" - Facebook Lady Cries Out Badly

Okechukwu Ella Eggovin

"What is the world turning into" is what someone might ask on getting to know what this lady identified as Okechukwu Ella Eggovin a.k.a Adadick said she wanted so badly on social media.

The lady took to facebook to reveal she would want to sleep with Instagram big boy, Hushpuppi so badly she can't control it anymore, insisting he has a very big joystick.

See what she wrote:-

Dear Hushpuppi pls we’re you pls come to enugu or i will come to were eve u are i will like to Bleep your big dick before i marry#ADADICK

However this did not go down well with many who rebuked her.

See people's reaction below:-

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