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Music to some is just passion, true but that should be in late 1990s if you know what i mean😉, well that doesn't mean you shouldn't have passion for it.

To be frank, music is a real business and many of our youths both male and females have embarked on it but sadly many won't survive😢 don't bug me on cos thats just the bitter Truth.

Truth be told, many who don't survive are usually those who gave up on the way or don't have enough talent to make up what it takes. While these are true its also a known fact that many don't reach the top because they don't know or failed to acknowledge and do certain things that will help push them up.

We have taking out time to give you quick rundown of 5 important things you must do as an upcoming artiste to help get you to the top and survive.

So bring your chair closer lets talk.

1. Don't  Be Quick To Sell Your Music

Who on earth does that? You are actually trying to get people to hear your music and it should be done free.

Most people tend to follow trend, yes! you heard me right😒, People will always follow trending songs and so don't care much to listen to upcoming artiste so selling your music to them won't work.

In a nutshell don't rush to sell your music to listeners, what i mean is uploading your songs to platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and others where people pay for a song, chill everything has its time.

2. Be Professional, The Best You Can Be

Many upcoming artiste out there don't even take they music seriously, and so they try to narrow things to avoid spending a dime. Imagine😏

As an artiste aspiring to be heard by listeners you must be professional with your music, don't ever record you songs with a phone, ofcourse it will sound like a mess. Always do you songs with the best producer you can reach, both recording and mixing of your songs.

Keep you talent professional, other popular artste won't take you serious you if you don't take your music serious so keep your career and hustle professional.

3. You Need A Social Media Presence

You absolutely need a social media presence. Be active on facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, your true fans will always sort out for you on social media.

Moreover since social media has become so important in entertainment, its will help you follow up trending wave, music challenges, which may help you get noticed and also help you connect with other top artiste and probably gain favour from them.

Many blown artiste today rose to fame though social media platforms, infact social media presence is as important as your music career.

4. Don't Avoid Free Shows, Studio Sessions Or Concerts

The music journey out there is in steps, don't avoid free shows and studio sessions, you may not know when and how you may be noticed.

Don't also avoid free radio session, you have a long way to go and your sole aim is to be heard so try as much as possible to stay alive, hook up with other artiste around you don't waste time to introduce yourself to popular musician if you get to meet any.

Many artiste who are popular today performed for free befor becoming what they are today so don't raise shoulders keep calm until its time.

NOTE: Don't mess youself up all in the name of getting to perform in shows, or connecting with other acts. As much as you should be humble your standard also matters. Don't be too proud and don't play with your respect. Stay in the middle.

5. Spend Money When Necessary On Your Music Career

Most upcoming artiste find it hard to spend even a dime on they music, you should understand that its your carrer and hustle and needs your complete commitment and effort as well as your money.

Get a professional music art cover for all your songs, this is as important as making the song itself, people will only regard you if they see the seriousness in your music and an art cover is the first thing that shows that.

It doesn't Matter how many sites you have your song on, someone who wants the song will get it from just one of those sites, what you need is a good promotion strategy for your music to be heard.

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