Top 10 Photos Of The Day You Won't Love To Miss

Photo of the Day

Today no doubt has been stressful due to too much work which we can't escape from after all "If you no work you no go see food chop".

So its the right time you take a couple of time off your day work and chill out as we show you through todays 10 ten photos of the day.

Here we go, which one are starting with..........

1. You know popular IG comedian, Williams Uchemba? What he laughing at?

2. Today is her birthday and hey have you checked out her new album?

3. We can only say Kizz... And you say the rest.

4. Why is Toke looking at you like that?

5. Bet me there is nothing in that Cup, so Humblesmith how far?

6. Em if i was taught well i think Davido should be sitting on where his legs is and by the way, where is Chioma

7  if you can guess who it is in the comment box

8. God come to his rescue, Timaya the shit no de gree comot?

9. Hey Yemi Alade, look here

10. That look,hats the best caption?

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