World population report

Recent world population data carried out by the United Nations for their first quarter Demography report for 2019, suggests that the world population has reached 7.8billion.

Their went ahead to reveal the most shocking about the population of women in respect to men from the detailed analysis.

There is a’situation’ that advises women to be humble.

According to the report,women now account for twice the number of men as they are now 5.6 billion while men are 2.2billion.

The report has advised women to be careful in showing attitudes to any man because out of the 2.2 billion men, 1 billion are married already,130,000 are in prison and 20,000 are mentally ill.

That means the World has only 1 Billion men available for Marriage and out of the 1 billion

  • 50 percent are jobless
  • 3 percent are gay
  • 5 percent are Catholic priests
  • 10 percent are your relatives 35 percent are above 66 years