GLO DATA BALANCE CODE: How To Check Glo Remaining Data Balance Fast And Easy


Its very easy to check you data balance on your glo network as therevis just simple steps you need to follow to check whats your remaining data balance.

Knowing and keep check on your data balance is very important and necessary as this will help you how to use you data bundle economically for it to last through the specified duration.

To all who has always wanted to know how much data they have consumed and probably how much is left we got a simple steps to check you data balance easily below.

We have two method for you, one is to check it through SMS and by dialing a code.

Method 1: Checking By SMS

1. To check your data balance, simply send "INFO" without the quotes as a message to 127

2.  Wait for a reply message from the network which will contain the option you want to choose.

3. Reply with the appropriate option for checking you remaining data balance.

4. Wait for a message which will contain you remaining data balcance informations.

Method 2: Checking By Dialing A Code.

This method is a lot easier all you need to do is just to follow thw steps below:

1. Dial *777# and a menu appears

2. Select "Buy Data"

3. Select "Check Data Balance"

4. Wait for a reply message from the network

Or you can just skip the whole of the steps above and use this quickest method to check you data balance.

Simply dial *127*0# and wait for a reply message showing you all your data plans and balance.

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