Unlock Or Crack A Modem

Hello dear, are you looking for a easiest way to unlock or rather say crack as some guys calls it? Then you are at the right place.

Today we will be giving you what we can call the easiest way to get your modem to work on all network swiftly and not just one network.

Its true that a customised single network modem last longer and more powerful than a universal modem, so getting the single network modem to accept all network is awesome.

Before we proceed, here are few things you should have before beginning this tutorial.

1. The modem to be unlocked

2. A PC computer

3. Modem unlocking software, download Here

NOTE: Please this particular software may not be able to unlock all your modems especially the new ones but older modem would have any problem unlocking. So incase you tried a particular modem and it didn't work, then try another one and see if it works

Below are the steps on how to unlock or crack a modem.

1. Download the modem unlocking software through the link above.

2.  Now locate & launch the software on your computer

3. Find the modem IMEL (check the back of the modem or open the cover, you should find it there).

4. Type in the modem IMEL number into the space provided for the IMEL number.

5. Click on the generate button and copy the generated unlocking code.

6. Insert any other network simcard into your modem and plug in your modem into your PC.

7.  You will be required to enter your unlocking code, simply paste the unlocking code generated in step 5 above.

Now you should have your modem unlocked by now, kindly drop a comment if you have question or encountered any problem while following the steps.