3 Modes Of Heat Transfer, Convection, Conduction And Radiation

Convection, Conduction And Radiation

Heat transfer is the travel of heat or thermal energy from one object or entity to another. Its can also be described as the transmission of heat energy from one object to another. This transfer occurs in three forms or modes which are convention, conduction and radiation.


This kind of heat transfer occur mostly in solid objects and also liquid at rest, the heat energy excites the atom and sets up a vibrating energy, this energy is transfered to the neighbouring atom or molecule. This continues until the temperature difference of the two neighbouring atoms is zero.


Convection occurs mainly on fluid that are in motion, both liquid and gases undergoes this mode of heat transfer. When there is a temperature difference, liquid molecules with higher temperature beconse less denser and will attempt to reach the top while molecules with lower temperature will move in reverse. This creates a coventional currents in the fluid as this process takes place heat energy is transferred.


This is the only mode of heat transfer that occurs without any need for a transfer medium, i.e it occurs even though a vacuum. In this form, Heat transfer occurs in form of quantum packets of light energy. This is the mode by which we receive solar energy from the sun.

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