Maraji is popularly known on instagram for her amazing and hilarious comedy vidoes and skits infact she is one of the first and best online comedians Nigeria can boast of.

She took upon herself to make her numerous and ever increasing online followers laugh and she is no doubt very good at what she do. Being a girls with amazing talent, Maraji made short videos where she somtimes mimic the vioce a man and with consistency won the heart of her numerous followers with her hilarious skits.

Incase you haven't heard of her then you are really missing a lot and shouldn't hesitate to watch few of her comedy skits, we have also handpicked 10 interesting facts or say rather things we bet you probably don't know about her.

Here are the things we will teach you about this amazing talent.

1. Her real name is Gloria Oloruntobi but professionally known as Maraji

2. She was born on February 6, 1997 which means she is 22 year old.

3. She was born into a family of four, a sister and two brothers.

4. She is a graduate of Covenant University with a degree in International Relations.

5. She charge an average amount of more than 600k per advertisement skits

6. She was born and raised in Edo state 

7. She has made over 100 comedy skits and we are pretty sure she got way more coming

8. She actually got famous from her short comedy skits which she started first with short lipsync videos, a thing she did to kill boredom.

9. She is one of the most popular female online comedian and content creator with over a million followers on instagram alone.

10. She is a core Christian and is ready to protect her religion and believe.