Curvy Actress, Moyo Lawal Reveals The Insane Things She Has Done All In The Name Of Love

Moyo Lawal

Sexy Nigerian actress, and model Moyo Lawal  has taken to her social account to reveal the insane things she has done all in the name of love.

The curvy actress while recounting her actions which she took after her heartbreak experience vowed she won't waste time in recovery after a break up again and expressed her urge to try the love thing again.

She wrote:

 I have done too many foolish things for love. The annoying thing is that I would be the one to run away from the relationship. At a time, I cried for like a month, didn’t eat and refused to date anyone for two years. Gosh, I wasted so much time on healing. God forbid, if I have a divorce, I won’t date again for five years.

She also went on to say:

The things I couldn’t tolerate broke my heart and spirit. It literally killed me but it fixed my vision. I hope that someday, that special someone that I can submit to, someone that I cannot live without would find me and conquer my fears.  For now, I am very happy just doing me and concentrating on me for the very first time in my life.

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