Top Hotels In Ebonyi State

Ebonyi state is a fast developing city located at the eastern part of Nigeria, it shares boundary with Bunue at the north, Enugu at the west, Imo at the south and Cross-River at the east. Being a state dominated by Igbo ethnic group of the country, it does has Igbo and English as its main language of communication.

One thing everybody loves is traveling, ebonyi state as one of the fast improving state economy in the country thus attracts both people from around the country and even beyond both for tourism and business ventures.

Any travelar be it for tourist or business, will require a perfect comfortable and safe place to abode, a place that would be a home away from home. They are several hotels in ebonyi state that will serve this need perfectly, however we have taken out time to hand-pick ed the best hotels you will definitely love their services.

Osborn La-Palm Royal Resort

Osborn La Palm Royal Resort

Osborn La Palm is an exquisite hotel with lots of international rated facilities and services including luxurious bathrooms with Jacuzzi bath and shower, air -conditioning units , over 30 satellite channels on the TV , fridge, electronic locking system , hair dryer and complimentary tea/coffee items.

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It also has an exclusive bar and restaurant that will definitely match your taste, they rooms are categories into Standard, Deluxe, Executive Suite, Ambassadorial Suite, Executive Ambassadorial Suite and Presidential Suite with each of them equiped with the necessary facilities to give you the required comfort.


  • Standard Room - ₦12, 500
  • Deluxe - ₦18, 500
  • Executive Suite - ₦21, 500
  • Ambassadorial Suite - ₦35, 000
  • Executive Ambassadorial Suite - ₦45, 000
  • Presidential Suite - ₦69, 000


No.1, Osborn Avenue, Off Kpirikpiri Road, Mile 50, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.


Pinnacle Hotels And Suites

Pinnacle Hotel And Suites

Pinnacle Hotels is an exquisite hotel with a first class hotel services located along Old Enugu Road, Kpiri Kpiri, Ebonyi state. It boast of fully air-conditioned rooms fitted with a private bathroom equipped with a shower and toilet.

They also has an onsite restaurant and bar where they serve different variety of meals and drinks that will surely match you need, in addition to their impressive security system their laundry services are offered at a surcharge.


  • Delux Room - ₦17, 591
  • Executive Room - ₦26, 382
  • Executive Suite - ₦26, 382


68 Abakaliki - Enugu Express Way, Abakaliki. Ebonyi state.


Phone: 08138925052

Monabliss Hotel  And Suites

Monabliss Hotels And Suites

Located at the state capital, Monabliss is the right choice for every traveler with they exclusive well fabricated rooms, bar/lounge and other recreational centerd at affordable price that will surely give you the right comfort you seek.

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With a 24 hour uninterrupted power supply, adequate parking lot, recreational center, swimming pool, dry cleaning services, rooms with en-suite bathroom designed to your comfort, and not to forget you security is also their priority, Monabliss is ready to offer you the best services.


  • Single Room - ₦8,000
  • Premium Room - ₦11,000
  • Classic Double Room - ₦13,000
  • Diplomatic Room - ₦15,000
  • Ambassadorial Suite - ₦20,000


95, Nnorom Street, Mile 50, Abakaliki. Ebonyi State.


Phone: 08133978539

Hotel Geneza And Suites

Hotel Geneza

Hotel Geneza is an exclusive hotel located in the heartland of ebonyi state, Abakaliki, it provides excellent hospitality services with several modern facilities such as VIP lounge, club and bar.

With range of superb hotel services at affordable prices, their rooms are equipped with spacious bathroom, king -sized bed, cable connected TV set, refrigerator, bedding items and air conditioner that will sure deliver the true taste of a comfortable abode to their guests through out the duration of their stay.


  • Standard Single - ₦8, 500
  • Executve Single - ₦10, 500
  • Executive Double - ₦12, 500
  • Royal - ₦15, 500
  • Ambassadorial - ₦20, 900
  • Presidential Suite - ₦ 27, 500


No 19, Onwe Road, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.


Phone: 07034408402

Gracecourt Hotel And Suites

Gracecourt Hotel

Gracecourt hotel and suite is an great hotel that offers amazing hotel services at very affordable prices, located at 14 Nna street, Abakaliki, thus allows you to catch the glimpse of the beautiful capital city.
Equipped with first class fitness facilities, well secured car park, restaurant and bar, luxury & airconditioned rooms plus an uniterrupted water & power supply , and not to forget their adequate security system.

They also has hotel website with 24/7 mail response and free 24 hour access to the internet.


  • Standard Room - ₦9, 400
  • Classic - ₦10, 550
  • Executive - ₦11, 700
  • Studio Suite - ₦15, 150
  • Diplomatic - ₦20, 325
  • Deluxe Suite - ₦25, 500


No. 14 Nna street, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state.


Phone: 07032360300


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