Actress, Ashionye Michelle Reveals Nigerians Are Wrong For Not Accepting Gay People

Actress and singer, Ashionye Michelle Raccah, has aired her thought on homosexuality in recent interview with QedTV at the premiere of Funmi Iyanda’s movie "Walking with Shadows".

The talented actress turned singer who is happly married to his Irish husband with two children has revealed that homosexuality is not a disease and that Nigerians should wake up and accept the fact that homosexuals are human beings too.

She went on to express that people should come to the understanding that homosexuals don't turn gay but are born gay.

She said:

It’s high time we began to accept every human being irrespective of their sexuality. I’m a human being whether I am straight or gay. It’s high time we began to realise that we are basically just one and we shouldn’t judge. I know we have this 14 year sentencing in Nigeria but then again you can’t change a person whoever he or she is. 
Some people say being gay is made, you become gay. I don’t believe that. I believe someone who is gay is born that way, that’s who the person is, and it is not a disease. It is not something to be afraid of. t is not something to judge” she said.

When asked if she will accept her child if he or she grows up to be gay, Ashionye responded:

If you are born straight, that’s who you are. If I am born lesbian, that’s who I am. I did not become lesbian. Like I said, it’s not a disease. I have people close to me, family and close friends, who are actually homosexual men and queer women and I absolutely love them. To be honest, I have a lot of male friends who are actually homosexuals and they give the best advice. They love me for who I am and I absolutely love them for who they are.

When asked if she supports the repeal of the 14 year jail penalty for any homosexual caught in the act, she remarked:

Yes! Why should we judge people for who they are. Why should we crucify people for who they are. Like I said, it’s not a disease. It is not a crime. If a man or woman is being judged for being queer or being gay, then why am I not being judged for being straight?

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