Man Shares Story After Picture Of Fela Kuti Enjoying Burna Boy's Mother On Stage Went Viral

For the past few days a sultry photo of Nigerian afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti where he was seen lying on top of Burna Boys mother, Bose Ogulu had surface online.

This has sparked up missed reaction online as some social media users had asked what will be Burna Boy's reaction seeing his mom being enjoyed on stage while some where of the opinion that Burna should inquire from his mother who his true father is.

However a Nigerian man identified as @ayoshonaiya has shared a story regarding this very picture and we thought you might want to read.

His story read:

When I first saw this picture, with all the concern about who the dancer may be, it triggered a profound personal memory inside me. I was at this show!! This was at Waterparks on Toyin Street, Ikeja in the mid 90s. As I’m writing this I’m checking my travel history back then to determine if was ‘96 or even ‘97 gangan.
I remember I was in Lagos for a bit & decided to go watch Fela. But really that night I was sad all through. Fela my hero, Fela my father, & my lifelong inspiration wasn’t looking good or healthy at all. Although he still did his moves, he looked frail, pacing up & down the small stage, & to top it all that night, Fela played a song I had never heard before (I know ALL Fela’s songs), I don’t remember the title, but the chorus was something like “carry your toto go o...” and “I no go doh...”. It took me a minute before realising Fela was actually singing about NOT using condoms, & the “fans” were hailing him. The whole mood of the show that night was about fuck, fucking, fucked... without condom! This was one of my saddest nights because I saw Fela like I’ve never seen him before. Even his skin looked like rubber! It was like no one could tell Fela not to do or say some things. And the show wasn’t well organised as well.
I think this picture was taken when he was singing the “fucking“ song & he was acting it out on top of the dancer. I can remember the whole thing looked odd & crass. But hey, the band played on.
I guess at this time a lot was going on with Fela and things were coming to a head. I remember going to his house on Gbemisola around that time & the whole house and compound was just noisy busy, not in the fun way the original Kalakuta used to be when I used to go there in the 70s. That last time I saw a boy of like 13yrs smoking weed. And nobody around didn’t slap his head for some sense. Fela that I know back in the 70s would never allow that shit. It was like too many people were just there mingling around with no ambition or good intention.
Anyway, this picture has a deep personal meaning to me. This picture was taken the LAST time I ever saw Fela live in person. 

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