"Nigerian Boys Are Been Used As Sex Toys By Rich South Korean Ladies" - Twitter User

A twitter user identified as @Poshfelly has revealed a sad truth of how young Nigerian boys are been used as sex toys by rich South Koreans ladies.

The user who lamented that its not easy for Nigerians who hustle abroad for a living begged that you have pity on them for what they pass through.

He also went on to reveal that they are however paid heavily for their services and also claimed he was informed by two returnee.

His tweet read:

Abroad hustle adirokwa easy oo, if you see most of our guys coming back from South Korea meelu faa ebele, those guys are being used as sex machine for most rich Korean ladies. 
This is no joke igaa aragide otu kwetee and they pay them handsomely 2 returnees gave me this gist.

See screenshot below:

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