As the country gets tougher everyday due to economic difficultties been faced in Nigeria currently many people as a result has done countless suprising thing just escape this sad condition.

The case of this man who was sent abroad for training so as to be more efficient to the company but quickly gave a resignation upon returning from the training.

According to Ose Anenih the man who shared his bitter experience with the man who happens to be his employee, he revealed he had sent him to dubai for further training on architecture but got surprised by the man's action after coming back.

His tweet read:

This life. Sent an architect to Dubai last week to ‘broaden his creative horizons’. Paid so he could attend trainings there, help him be more effective for the company, bcos even in a tight economy, skill sells. My guy just handed in a resignation letter. I’m in sifia pains.

Another of his tweet read:

Anyway I wish him well. He was a good kid, and a talented architect. Just painful that we’ve invested in his next company’s growth.