Beninese singer, Angelique Kidjo seen speaking a little Yoruba language as he visit Smooth FM radio station in Lagos for an interview.

In the video shared by LIB, the Grammy winner can be  seen greeting the staff of the radio station in Yoruba.

In response to her greetings, Nigerian singer Asa cheerfully hugged Kidjo before complimenting her footwear.

She also revealed that this was her first time of performing in western Nigerian and that the last time she visited here was in 1993.

She said;

This is my first time in Lagos… My first time playing in Lagos. The last time I was here was in ’93. I left here at 13 years old

The singer also claimed her father was “too afraid” of her mum bringing her here as a child because he feared if she comes here, she won’t want to go back to resume school.

Watch the video below: