“My Landlady Rented The Living Room Of A Two Bedroom Flat I Live In To A Church” - Nigerian Lady

Nigerian lady shares series of her experience with her landlady which according to her is not a choice compared to having a landlord instead.

The lady identified as @lexy_slim  flat on twitter revealed that her landlady rented part of a two bedroom flat to her and then went ahead to rent the living room to a church.

She further revealed how the church had scrid her wall off with prayers and caused her friends both male and female to stop coming to her house.

The lady also revealed that her landlady once told her to stop doing her laundry in the bathroom to avoiding getting the soak-away pit filled up.

Her tweets below;

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  1. It's her property,so whatever she wants or says is final..

  2. As long as there was no tenancy agreement to the contrary,and she didn't hire the whole two bedroom flat for reasons best known to her, she has to put up with it or relocate. If she likes trouble she can report to relevant authorities to abait the church's nuisance and be ready for the aftermath.


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