5 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Leave Nigeria And Never Come Back

Nigeria is no doubt the giant of africa but don't live up to it when it comes to infrastructural development. Government funds are mismanaged and most at times embezzled by the so called leaders who would promise heaven and earth during elections.

As a result of this almost every Nigerian would never turn down or even hesitate when given an opportunity to leave the country to any of this developed countries. I mean who wouldn't want a better life away from this shameful condition.

In case you are still in doubt that an average Nigerian would not jump on the chance of leaving the country to maybe the United States or United Kingdom then take your time and go true this shameful and eyesore pictures of ungly conditions the government choose to neglect and it will prove your doubt wrong.

1. Billions of naira are spent on road maintenance, that is what they want us to believe. 

2. Leaders of tomorrow but look at what a classrooms look like. 

3. The police can even smoke marijuana comfortably in the public. 

4. Here is what a big Federal Hospital uses as emergency wheelchair. 

5. Poor babies, how can they even sleep comfortably on this. 

NOTE: This post wasn't made just to ridicule Nigeria but to raise awareness on the things we should speak and fight against to ensure a better country.

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