Daddy Freeze Finally Arrests Man Who Sexualized His 5 Year Old Son

Daddy Freeze has finally apprehended man who sexualized his 5 year old son after he shared a picture of her on his Instagram page.

The man identified as @dannyyung01 had left a disturbing comment to a picture of Daddy Freeze's son.

Daddy Fridge, your montana baby boy go sweet for bed o. The man had written.

Daddy Freeze who got angered by the offensive comment started a move to bring the man to justice and was successful getting the man arrested and is currently facing interrogation by police.

He also thanked everyone who stood up with him to fight against what he called sexual predators.

Freeze wrote;

Thank you everyone, he has been apprehended and is currently being interrogated by the police. 
He works with a popular security firm who will be making an announcement latest tomorrow, regarding this incident. 
Thank you all for your support as we work together to create a world that is safe from sexual predators.

See picture of the man below;

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