Ladies Who Keep Multiple Boyfriends Are Lazy And Unfocused - Counselor

Charlotte Oduro

Popular relationship counselor, Rev. Dr. Charlotte Oduro reveals what she thinks of ladies who keep multiple boyfriends.

According to her opinion she labeled such ladies as lazy and unfocused set of people who don't know what they want in lives.

She also noted that a lady must be self-reliant and focus on making themselves responsible first by catering for themselves rather than resort to begging from men, an act which does not speak well of them.

In her words;

Young girls are just sleeping around, they don’t want to work. But young lady, you need to be on your feet…you need to be responsible and stop sleeping around. You choose Kofi, you choose Kwame, you choose Yaw today who are you dating? Who are you going out with? Who do you want? You don’t even know yourself…you are lost. 

This is however contrary to what many people think of such ladies who are involved in many relationships as being smart.

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