Recent Twitter Poll Shows That Nigerians Wants President Buhari To Resign

Twitter is currently buzzing with cries of  Nigerians asking their President, Mahamadu Buhari to step down from his government position.

This was all started by popular Australian Islamic cleric, Iman Of Peace who accused President Buhari of being an incompetent and violence-minded leader.

He therefore called on Nigerians to demand his resignation and so far he has received support from many who agreed with him.

This prompted popular Nigerian human rights activists, Segun Awosanya to create a twitter poll to ascertain what Nigerian thinks of Buhari's resignation.

At the time of writing this report, the poll with over 42,000 votes came back with a surprising 91% votes against just 9% who wants the president to remain in power.

See screenshot below;

Could this mean that Nigerians at large agrees that President Buhari leadership has been a failure? lets hear from you, use the comments

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