Reno Omokri Blast President Buhari Again, Calls Him A Tiger Hungry For Blood

Nigerian author, Reno Omokri is back with another hot one for President Buhari as he compares him to a tiger thirsty for blood.

Reno also alledged that many Igbo governors who betrayed their people with the hope of getting favoured by the president but are still left disappointed.

In his words;

General Buhari can be likened to a tiger that various people brought in order for the tiger to destroy former President Jonathan. 
However, former President Jonathan, ever the man of peace, said ‘my ambition is not worth the blood of any citizen’, and promptly conceded. 
But the tiger was bloodthirsty for baboon and dog blood. And when it did not see it in Jonathan, it demanded the blood of Emirs and notorious lying online publishers, and stupid Igbo former Governors, who thought that by betraying their own people, they would obtain the tiger’s love. 
But the tiger is not looking for love. It is looking for blood. And blood it must have!

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