“We’re Here To Show Motivation” - Davido On Why He Always Flaunt His Wealth

DMW boss, Davido reveals the readon why he constantly show off his wealth and expensive possessions online is to motivate people and to oppress them.

The singer who has always been known to flaunt his expensive jewelries, cars, houses and other items made it clear he does that without any intentions of rubbing it on people's faces.

In his words;

We’re not here to rub it in anybody’s face, we’re here to show motivation. 
Many kids write to me and tell me that I’m the reason they want to finish school, and projects, and become successful. 
In America there’s people who think we live in huts, sometimes I feel like I want to show them… We’re living the life, we’re going crazy, you feel me? 
It has nothing to do with showing off or trying to oppress anybody. They oppress us enough.

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