“What Matters Is How Well You Marry Not How Fast You Marry” - Reno Omokri

Nigerian renowned author, Reno Omokri is back again with his usual advice to everyone and this time he tackle the mistakes people make in regard to marriage.

Reno advised youths not to feel bad when it seems as if others are already married and you are the only one left behind.

He noted that what actually matters is how well you marry and not how fast you finds a partner and settles down.

He wrote;

Don’t feel bad because others marry before you. What matters is how well you marry not how fast you marry. Leah married 7 years before Rachel, but Rachel was happier than her. Marry happy, not fast. Marry to last. But what if you never marry? No big deal. You join Christ, Paul, Daniel and other great men of faith who achieved extraordinary things, yet never married. Marriage is an institution, not an achievement.

See his post below;

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