I Might Just Have To Go Naked In My Next Video - Tiwa Savage

Nigerian songstress, professionally known as Tiwa Savage has shocked fans after she hinted on putting out her nakedness in her upcoming music video.

The Afrobeat star who began her career as a backup singer for acts like George Michael and Mary J. Blige noted this while telling fans what to expect from her forthcoming album "Celia".

She said;

I might just have to go butt naked in my next video, because I don’t know what else I’m going to have to do to top that one! 
And, just to put it out there, this was done in Nigeria. All the cast is Nigerian, the director, the AP, everybody is Nigerian.

The singer also added she might end up shooting her next video at home using her iPhone because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We’re going through this pandemic, so the idea was I want to let them know that I’m still a boss, that I’m still beautiful, that I’m still African. 
So this pandemic has really opened my heart to the real situation of where the world is right now,

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