Nigerian Gay Cleric, Jide Macaulay Claims GAY Means "God Adores You"

Nigerian gay cleric, Jide Macaulay who was ordained an Anglican priest by the Church of England in 2019 has revealed what the Word GAY stands for as he tries to prove his sexuality is accepted by God.

Macaulay alleged that the word GAY stands for "God Adores You" in recent YouTube video he shared, he also called for celebration of his sexuality with pride.

In his words:

GAY means God Adores You. Let’s celebrate Pride month with all of our queerness, blackness and faith in God.

Macaulay, who is a theologian and HIV+ Activist, in the video says he initially found it challenging to find his place as a a gay, Black and African man of faith.

Macaulay who was born on November 4, 1965, founded House of Rainbow, Nigeria’s first house of worship catering to the LGBTQ community, and currently serves as its executive director.

Watch video below:

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