“A Lady Asked Me Out” - Juliana Olayode Reveals Lesbianism Is Everywhere In Nigeria

Nigerian actress, Juliana Olayode has disclosed how a lady who she gave out her number to after she requested for it started asking her out on a date.

Juliana who is popular for her role as "Toyo Baby" in Jennifer Diary stated that she doesn't judge anybody but one thing she knows is that God is against gay and she doesn't support it either.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, the talented actress also noted that Lesbianism is becoming rampant in Nigeria.

She wrote;

A lady asked me out 😱 
I do not condemn anybody ooo and I do not judge anybody.
A lot of people are on the fence on this matter, the truth that I know about this is that God is against it and so am I!!!!!!

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